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12 Month Calendar - Enter The Faerie Realm 2020 *SOLD OUT*
No. FR-04 12-month $26.00 (shipping extra)
(8 x 10 folded & stapled)
Full-colour illustrations with inspirational quotes

Enter The Faerie Realm - 12 Month Calendar 2020 $26.00

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What is the Faerie Realm? Where does one find it?

A calendar should never merely mark time, but rather be full of inspiration, crammed full with jottings and curious and wonderful happenings, like Hungarian Opera Day, World Kindness Day, and Two Different Colored Shoes Day.

A calendar should be a visual feast of potential to remind one that every day is a good day waiting to happen, even if within that day there are thunderclouds, because behind every cloud…

Meet you in the Faerie Realm.